Click here for: A Guide for New User of the Neptune Systems Apex Controller

Questions and Answers:

Q1) I see a "U" in my AquaController screen or status website; what is it and how do I fix it?

Q2) When is it correct to initialize a timer and how?

Q3) What you can do to protect your tank in cases of failure?

Q4) When I start my feed cycle it only turns things off for a couple of seconds, then everything turns back on; why?

Q5) I have opposing OSC cycles for 2 power heads in my tank but I've noticed they are out of sync.

Q6) I can't see my PX1000 status, where is it?.

Q7) What do I need to do so that I can access my AC3, AC3 Pro and Apex from the Internet?

Q8) How do I configure AquaNotes to connect to my AC3 or AC3 Pro; can you show me the screen?

Q9) Configuring and testing email configurations on the AC3 and Apex?

Q10) What is the wiring of the Tunze control cables for the Apex and AquaSurf?

Programming Examples:

P1) I want my RO/DI unit to fill my reservoir automatically, but not over fill it.

P2) I want the tank to tell me when my reservoir is low, but don't wake me up if its after bedtime.

P3) I want to clean empty my skimmer; can the Neptune Controller help, and other maintenance tasks made simple?

P4) I want my pumps to oscillate, but only during the day.

P5) I want different OSC cycles day and night for 2 different pumps; 1 left side (PHL) and 1 right side (PHR).

Programming Examples (Apex):

P6) When my return and skimmer pumps come out of feedA I want my ozone to come on for 1 hour, no matter what the ORP level is.

P7) I want to limit the amount of an outlet runs once it turns on.